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Cabinetmaker, traditional wood carving

52 St Albans Street - Merivale
Christchurch 8014

Phone 355 9912 - email

Alan Wright Kauri Dresser 2013
Dresser made in Kauri - designed and built by Alan Wright, completed in 2013.
Aunstioneer's Hammer
From auctioneer's hammers to entire balustrades, circular mirror and picture frames. From one-off custom furniture to colonial switch plates.  Replace your barge board finials?

Feel free to contact me.
Traditional wood carving
Fine cabinetmaking
Switch Plate
Auctioneer's Hammers are a stock item.

Circular mirror and
picture frames come
in 4 standard sizes.

Custom sizes can be
made to order, and
to any profile.
Mirror FramePapanui Road  
Oak table, designed and built by Alan Wright. Rocking chair in walnut, Bedroom suite in American Ash, designed and built by Alan Wright.
Oak Table
Rocker Bedside Cabinet

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52 St Albans Street, Merivale, Christchurch, 8014, New Zealand
Phone: 64-3-355 9912